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FEAST – A Day for Body, Mind and Heart

Feast for Body, Mind & Heart (nee the ‘Cultural Day’) is on again!  Another fantastic day to be inspired and uplifted – this is a day not to be missed!

From Plato to Epictetus.
Sanskrit to Shakespeare.
From stillness in action
to increasing personal energy.
From a philosophy of completeness
to a restorative practice.

Let the mind feast on a day of workshop-style discussions
with passionate presenters.

Friends & Family more than welcome.


Our Special guest is Dr Gary Grohmann from Canberra.  His Keynote Presentation ‘Increasing Personal Energy and Enthusiasm’ is a must see!

The day will conclude with a special concert by Dr Gary Grohmann and Matthew Grohmann.  * CDs will be available to purchase on the day with all proceeds going to St James, Durban.

Dr Gary Grohmann is a consultant virologist by profession. His interests include classical music, meditation, Sanskrit, advaita philosophy and science. Matthew Grohmann is a fundraising ambassador for the St James School for girls and boys in Durban South Africa. He is a year 12 student at St. Ignatius’  College Riverview in Sydney.  Since he was 11 years old Matthew has produced 3 fund-raising CDs for St James, as well as giving concerts to raise funds.

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Increasing Personal Energy and Enthusiasm

What is the relationship between energy and enthusiasm?  How can energy & enthusiasm be increased? How is energy wasted? How should it be spent? Why do we waste so much energy?  The presentation will focus on methods to conserve and increase energy and enthusiasm, and to strengthen discrimination. Dr Gary Grohmann (Virologist & musician, Canberra)



Restorative Practices in the Classroom – rethinking behaviour management
The practice of restorative justice has much to offer those of us who are concerned with the development of well-rounded, socially, emotionally and spiritually competent young people, who are accountable for their behaviour and understand that there is nothing that they do (or don’t do) which does not have an impact on others in some way.  So what is meant by restorative justice and what does it have to do with education?    with Mr Thomas Atkin (social worker)

Uncovering Creativity: the benefits of establishing a daily creative writing practice
This is a hands-on session that explores the joy and possibilities of creative writing.  We will look at practical methods to establish the practice of daily writing and explore how writing can aid in creative inspiration and even bring us to mental rest and stillness.  Come armed with a pen and notebook!    with Mrs Rahnia Collins (School Teacher)

From Plato to Peterson – the enduring relevance of Platonic thought in a postmodernist world
A brief exploration of some of Plato’s key concepts and how they have survived 2500 years to find new voice with modern thinkers.   with Mrs Rebecca Hartwick (Philosophy student)

“What’s Missing”?
In some people a lack of wholeness is an experienced reality, manifesting as the unsettling and constant feeling of not being worthy or good enough.  We may have a shiny car, busy job, social status, perfect teeth… and can still be left feeling like something is missing. Generally, people give a lot of time and energy to ‘becoming’ but often very little care to just being.  We will discuss how this lack of wholeness is experienced, and how instead, completeness might be known.  But first the question is… What’s Missing? with Mr Sam Grace (School Teacher)

The Sanskrit language has been practiced throughout India and indeed the world for thousands of years, and has never changed. Come and experience a taste of the beauty, efficiency and efficacy of this ancient and timeless language.   with Ms Robyn Moore (Philosophy student)

You Are What You Speak: Truth, Speech & Shakespeare
What we say is what we become, so we speak ourselves into existence. Therefore our words are very powerful. This interactive session uses the words of Shakespeare to get some sense of how this happens.    with Mr Rex Howard (Immigration Consultant, Shakespearean Scholar)

Headline News from Epictetus
Epictetus (55-135 AD) was one of the wisest teachers who ever lived.  He formulated a way of life leading to happiness, peace of mind and outward personal effectiveness.  There are only two surviving documents of his: the Enchiridion (the manual) and the Discourses.  His philosophy was one of personal ennoblement, kindness, resilience, and quiet confident joy.  This presentation will touch on his life and times and reveal his very practical guidelines as a series of ‘headlines’ and injunctions for practical living.    with Dr Gary Grohmann (Virologist & musician, Canberra)

The Art of Flower Arranging
Flower arranging is renowned for being a peaceful activity. This workshop shows attendees how to use restful, present moment practices while at the same time engaging in the activity of flower arranging.  Come and find the peace and stillness.    with Ms Robyn Moore (Philosophy student)