Inner Peace Course

The Inner Peace unit of the Foundation Course in Practical Philosophy is offered to all students who have completed the Introductory Cours to Practical Philosophy.

This unit explores what it means to experience Inner Peace and expands on the ideas and practices from the Introductory Course including:

  • Our natural desire to find peace, but how can we cultivate stillness of mind and heart?
  • The effect of the three gunas on inner peace – and cultivating sattwa for peacefulness and serenity
  • The exercise as a practice of letting go
  • Practising listening – does listening to music bring us to inner peace?
  • Fine literature as nourishment for the mind and a means of bringing the mind to rest.
  • Beauty – the mind as a reflector of the qualities and resting the mind through sight.
  • Meditation and the usefulness of attention and meditating on that which is expansive and freeing.
  • The principles of work.
  • Changing our circumstances to improve the quality of our practice.
  • What disrupts peace and inner stillness? What gives rise to agitation?
  • The protection of the mind from wasted energy.
  • The possibilities of harmonious relationships with others.
  • Regular practice of coming to rest and providing the mind with nourishment.
Date next offered

Monday 20 May, 7-9.30pm, or
Saturday  25 May, 10am-12.30pm


Standard $220
Concession $130
Under 25’s standard $110
Under 25’s student concession $65

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