Online courses

The Brisbane School of Philosophy works in partnership with the worldwide Practical Philosophy Online to offer online classes for students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes for a variety of reasons. At present, students attend the online classes from several continents (North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe) and timezones from Pacific (GMT-8) to Eastern European (GMT+2) to India (GMT+5.5) and of course Australia (GMT+10).

Introductory course

We are pleased to offer an Introductory Course this coming term for interested students who prefer to attend online. This 10 week online course will explore topics contained in the standard Introductory Course, in one hour weekly classes. Before enrolling for this course, please check the requirements below.
Part 1a:$10USD | Register
Part 1b:$10USD | (you must complete 1a first) | Register
Part 3a – Love: $50USD | (you must complete 1b first)| Register

Intermediate class

We offer an Intermediate online group, for meditating students who have been in the school for a number of years and are familiar with many key concepts and practices. For information on eligibility for this group, please contact  Enrolments cannot be accepted for this group unless eligibility has first been established.
Cost: $100USD 

Technical requirements

a) You need to have a reliable broadband (i.e. cable or DSL high-speed) internet connection.
b) You will need a decent quality headset  (NOT a separate microphone and speakers, nor a built-in webcam microphone), or a good quality speaker phone with echo-canceling capability.
c) Your computer must be relatively new (less than 5 years old). Mac users must be at OSX 10.6 or higher. iPads and iPhones at IOS 6 or higher are now supported but are not recommended when a Mac or PC are available.  Android (4.4 and greater) devices are supported.
d) You will need a webcam. Headsets that are recommended include Plantronics, Logitech and Microsoft branded products. USB connection is not required, but tends to be simpler and more reliable.
A more expensive – but superior – audio option is a noise-cancelling microphone/speaker, such as this one.
What is NOT recommended is a separate microphone (such as built in to a webcam).  A separate microphone and speakers (which again are NOT recommended) as distinct from the recommended headset or speakerphone will create echo and/or feedback in the classroom.

Watch this short video which will take you on a tour of the online classroom.

Typically when you have registered for an online class, you will be sent instructions with a link and password some weeks in advance of your class start date.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to