Happiness Course


The Happiness unit of the Foundation Course in Practical Philosophy is offered to all students who have completed the Introductory Course to Practical Philosophy.

This unit explores the nature of true Happiness and real contentment and expands on the ideas and practices from the Introductory Course including:

  • The practice of ‘The Exercise’
  • The need to be in the present
  • Wisdom and Attention

…this unit also introduces other concepts such as:

  • True Happiness and pleasure
  • True Happiness and time
  • True Happiness and self esteem

…and it asks some important questions that include:

  • Is true Happiness natural?
  • How do we acquire it and how is it lost?
  • Can you find Happiness in work?

…this unit also explores related philosophical ideas of:

  • Plato
  • Marsilio Ficino
  • Lao Tzu
Course dates

Term 3, 2019. Dates to be advised.


Standard $220
Concession $130
Under 25’s standard $110 (payment only available at Philosophy Service Desk)
Under 25’s student concession $65 (payment only available at Philosophy Service Desk)