The School of Philosophy offers courses in practical philosophy for people interested in the pursuit of spiritual and emotional well-being or who are interested in learning about happiness, practising mindfulness and living in the present.

Introductory Course to Practical Philosophy

The Introductory Course offers a practical approach to the study and practice of philosophy. It is for anyone who has ever asked themselves ‘What am I doing here?’ or ‘How can I be truly happy?’

It provides guidance for a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world in which we live and a fresh way of dealing with the challenges that we face in everyday life.


Continuation courses

After the initial Introductory Course you are invited to continue your adventure in Practical Philosophy with a Foundation in Philosophy course which explores a range of themes in greater depth.

The School of Philosophy is for thoughtful people seeking to understand the nature of existence and the world in which we live. Courses draw on the great philosophic ideas of Eastern and Western traditions which lead to clear thought, reduction of stress, mindfulness, and effective action in work, study and every aspect of daily life.

Practical philosophy explores the meaning of wisdom, truth, consciousness and the power of love. It gives you the tools to become more mindful, more connected and more alive.

Comments from people attending the course

“Such a great benefit for my life for so little investment! It is such a fantastic course presented in a friendly, meaningful and unobtrusive way.”

“The attention to detail was extraordinary – mindful and nourishing. I so appreciated it all – Thank you! Beautifully crafted.”